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Website Photography


Website PhotographyBecause a website is a visual medium, professional website photography, creating professional images, can be a tremendous asset for almost any website. If you have good looking offices, production facilities, and products, it is well worth the expense to have a professional photographer take a few hours at your site and collect some images that can be used throughout your website.

Professional photography will certainly cost more but keep in mind that a good website has, at least, a five year effective lifespan and so the cost should be amortized over that period.

Also note that our own Money Back Website Proposal guarantees a 100% return on investment within the very first year (visit that page for full details) but the point here is that an excellent website is one of the best investments a company can make and great images that show off your facilities, people, and products are well worth the effort and expense.

Taking a look at images to add to their website photography portfolioCaution: Professional pictures of staff persons can be great but when a staff person changes jobs, the pictures usually need to change as well. Also, a group shot may have to be removed from publication on the website if even one person in that group leaves the company and requests that their image not be used. It is not always easy to crop a person out and still have the group shot continue to look great.

Most problems can be avoided by using a simple consent form for each employee image used.

Website stock photography is an option that can also be effective either totally or as a supplement to professional images.

The advantage of stock photography for websites is the extremely wide variety of images, icons, and other graphics available that can enliven text, illustrate it, and/or show examples of what the text is saying. The key to using stock photography is to make great selections.

Our firm uses several sources for images and gets the appropriate rights to use them! We spend the time to make what we believe are the best selections but always leaving the final selection to our clients who are the obviously the best experts on their own company and products.Photo Stock Images