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Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance and UpgradingA website is always a work in progress and regularly scheduled website maintenance and upgrading is critical. It’s not just a matter of making edits, corrections, finding and fixing broken links, adding products, making price changes, and, of course,  making regular backups of the entire site (crashing does occur!). But many website platforms (WordPress, Drupal, etc) have regular updated versions that need to be installed, also “plugins” need to be upgraded, and hacking attacks with auto installed malware can be devastating if not found and corrected immediately. Google has warned of increasing attacks on websites for a variety of unethical and unsavory purposes.

But aside from monitoring and fixing technical issues, regular content updating, changes, additional text, pictures, graphs, etc. will not only improve your website from an overall site visitor’s perspective with the selling effectiveness this implies, but the site will receive additional Ranking credit from the Search Engines for how often your site is updated (SEO). Speaking of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and site Ranking, a regular, ongoing strategic program of acquiring additional External Links can be one of the very best ways to increase your site’s ranking and organic visibility on the internet. (See our SEO Glossary for a definition of all SEO terminology)

Among the items in our very cost effective** Monthly Website Maintenance Agreement are the following:

  • A complete Technical site audit that includes more than 15 separate technical issues (Broken links, IP validation, URL structure, malware and virus detection, 404 errors, duplicate content issues,  meta structure, etc.
  • A complete SEO Audit that includes unique Title and Description tags, 302 redirects, H1 headings, outgoing links, XML site map, Meta refreshes, Robots TXT file
  • Installing all new platform versions and updates including all Plugins and modules as appropriate.
  • Copying and preserving all website files and making copies available to client.
  • Visitor tracking installed on every web page and available to client 24/7 with walk through and explanation of data via
  • Keyword performance reporting and keyword research to discover new opportunities for organic positioning and lower cost PPC (PayPerClick) opportunities.
  • Maintenance of Mobile Version of website by installing RWD technology modifications as needed.
  • 3 hours of technician time per month for installing new pages, making corrections, adding pictures and videos, making NavBar changes and additions, adding outgoing reciprocal and other appropriate links.
  • Monitoring effectiveness of Social Media program by monitoring web activity for appropriate keywords.
  • Registrations to additional Search Engines and directories and re-submissions, when new content is added, to major search engines via XML site map.

Pricing is $450 monthly with additional amount based upon the number of actual technician hours (beyond 3) needed for additional work not anticipated in the above listing.