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Website Hosting & Email

Website Hosting and Email IconWhen we first began this business, 15 years ago, we had our own servers for our client’s website hosting & email. We soon learned that we needed back-up servers as well as making ourselves available 24/7 or risk several clients’ hosting & email programs going down at the same time. We needed to do better for ourselves and our clients.

Luckily, since those “early days”, there are now numerous specialty companies who have focused, almost exclusively, on hosting & email basic services and deliver excellent programs with 24/7 service, 99% guaranteed uptime, and at extremely reasonable prices. They host hundreds of thousands websites and have huge back-up capabilities and staffing to ensure that even when a problem develops it can be solved automatically with only a “blip” of downtime.

It makes a huge amount of sense, therefore, for us to simply contract with these companies and focus our energies on setting up these services for our clients. The individual needs of our clients may include any of the following:

website hosting & email

  • Very Economic “Shared Hosting”
  • Dedicated Server Hosting (Dedicated IP)
  • Supporting Specialized Software (ASP, etc)
  • Secure Site Certification (SSL Certificate)
  • WordPress Specialized Hosting
  • Microsoft Professional Email
  • Cloud Servers
  • Cloud Applications
  • Premium DNS Service
  • Domain purchases and transfers (visit our page on Domains)

After consultation with our clients, and determining their specific hosting & email needs, we set those up in their personal or company names, with their exclusive control which can be delegated but never surrendered without their specific direction, as in the case of a business sale.

Hosting & email programs in the cloud Website hosting & email with SSL security