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Videography & Animation

Videography & Animation

Videography & Animation have a wide variety of uses for internet marketing and especially on a good website. They can range from fairly simple (but very effective) video introductions of key staff members of a doctor, dentist or attorney’s office  to a complex animated presentation of a product or service.

Client testimonials, product demonstrations, plant and office tours, real estate presentations, etc can also be very effective additions to a website, Google video syndication, blogs, Facebook pages, and e-mail newsletters.

For professionals, a good video introduction can allow a prospective client of an attorney, doctor or dentist to meet them from a safe distance (without commitment) but significantly help them make a decision if this professional is right for them. The choice of a professional video with good lighting, sound, and editing, can be dramatic and yield very cost effective results for years.

Remember a good and effective website quite probably has the best ROI of any business investments. What other investment can yield a 100% ROI within the first year and well done with a minimum expectation!

Some examples of videos we have produced:

Videography & animation for websites and other Internet marketing can be very helpful. Animation may be quite simple, as when pictures or text move into a webpage as a “slider” to give some added visual interest or they can be quite complex with substantial production costs. But either simple or complex animations can be very useful and cost effective in explaining a complex product or procedure, or to get an idea across in a clearer and perhaps more memorable way.

Animations should not appear simply as “glitzy” in most all situations, so discretion should be used to make them useful, interesting, and contributing to the goal of the website or the particular page they appear on.

Some Examples.