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The Guaranteed Website

The Guaranteed Website

We have often said that a good website (Attractive, SEO Optimized, and Sales Effective) should be able to completely pay for itself within one year of launch . . .. so, now we have decided to put “our money where our mouth is” and build the guaranteed website – a money back guarantee with every website we develop!

Here are the details:

A. We begin with a detailed proposal/agreement which we will send within 5 business days (See Proposal Request Form below).

B. The information provided to develop the proposal will be shared with no one. Period.

C. We will not make a proposal if we do not believe we can make the guarantee.

D. Our proposed agreement, for the guaranteed website, will contain a very clear statement of the guaranteed goal to be achieved i.e. a 100% net return on investment within one year of launch. 

(Just to be clear, by 100% net ROI, we mean that the website needs to deliver a sufficient number of new clients or new sales, directly attributed to the new website, that will result in net profits equal to the total cost of the new website.

In other words, if the new site cost $20,000, the new website needs to be directly responsible for new (increased) sales of, $100,000 during the first year from the date of launch).

E. The guaranteed website proposal agreement will detail measurable targets to be achieved within the one year timeframe and which targets, the client agrees, should deliver that level of increased sales. (Criteria such as increased visitor level, conversions achieved, quote requests received, telephone calls from the website, email info requests, etc).

F. We do not make proposals for adult content or gambling websites.

The Guaranteed Website Proposal

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The Guaranteed Website