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Logo Design & Graphics logo design & graphicsGood logo design & graphics is important to both a website and the overall branding of a company and its products.

On a website, the company’s logo is most often placed in the top header area and its basic design and color(s) is the first step in choosing a color palette and font types for the entire website.

Our logo design & graphics service begins with a client meeting (virtual(Call To Meeting/ or in person) to discuss the key elements of the company and its products beginning with a few questions: Is it primarily a business to business company or one serving a larger consumer audience. Does it market to children or adults, men, women or both?  What other factors are necessary to review for an initial logo design to be coherent?

This process is essential for the initial creative process where our team develops several graphic ideas for a logo (or a graphic representation) which are then reviewed and discussed with the client. A more refined second round of developing several more graphic ideas.

Ninety percent of the time, this second round of refined graphic representations has developed a great logo (or graphic representation of some important idea) that the client enthusiastically supports. A final graphic is developed in several formats for print, enlargement (posters, billboards), the web and other digital marketing venues.

Good logo design & graphics can contribute significantly to the company’s success and is well worth the effort.

Even a weak existing logo can be improved upon while keeping some of the legacy identity.

Pricing? Usually we can complete a new or rehabilitated Logo for under $1,500. We can develop some initial (first round) sample logo ideas for less than $500.

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