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Internet Marketing Tools

Internet Marketing ToolsInternet marketing tools uses the term “tool”, in its basic dictionary definition, as “An instrument(s) that aids in the accomplishment of a task”. And here the task is delivering your company’s message(s) via the Internet.

Just as “in the old days”, companies used the communication tools of newspaper, radio, TV, magazine, billboard, and snail mail, so today we increasingly use Internet Marketing Tools to get our message out there via Websites, Emails, Blogs, Forums, and an increasing array of Social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Linked-in, Google+, etc.)

When we use several of these Web Marketing Tools in a coordinated and interlinked manner we usually refer to it as a Comprehensive Internet Marketing Program. This can be the most cost effective marketing and selling program a company can make with a potential ROI higher than any other investment a company can make.

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The particular uniqueness of the internet allows all of the various communication tools to be linked with each other thus complementing and reinforcing the message(s) and making it increasingly visible on the Internet most especially with the Search Engines.

When you consider that the Internet is available today, not only in homes and offices via desktop, laptop, or tablet computers (also called “platforms”), but increasingly and explosively via millions of smart phones, the power of a well planned, coordinated, integrated, and comprehensive internet marketing program can be better appreciated.

It is not necessary or perhaps even advisable to engage several web platforms at the same time, but a good Internet marketing plan, beginning with an attractive, informative, easily navigated, and Search Engine Optimized (SEO) website is the key to success. (See also SEO Copywriting).