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Interactive Web Forms

Interactive Web FormsInteractive web forms, as used here, mean any form that can be filled out online by a website visitor simply by clicking on a “Submit” or “Send” Button. The information is then sent via a structured email with an identifying subject line to a designated e-mail account.

The submit button also generates a “Thank You” or “Acknowledgement” page to let the sender know that their interactive web form information has been successfully sent; and, perhaps, when they can expect a reply.

Interactive web forms are a much preferred method for sending critical information over the old “static form” that was usually provided by a printable PDF which the visitor then had to print out, fill in and mail. Now the information is sent instantly.

A similar and even faster interactive format is the “Live Chat” or Instant Messaging (IM) software that has been very successful when used on many website platforms.

Some examples of well proven interactive web forms:

  • Quote Request Forms (Short or Detailed) w/ or w/o Ability to Attach Drawings etcInteractive Web Forms
  • Job Applications w/ or w/o Attached Resumes
  • Various Information Request Forms Like Our Free SEO Audit Request Form
  • Purchasing by Credit Card
  • Online Bill Paying Forms
  • Signing Up for A Huge Variety of Purposes
  • Online Surveys
  • Political and Charitable Donations
  • Medical and Dental Intake Forms
  • Customer “Feed-Back” and Satisfaction forms
  • Product Order Forms
  • Various Subscription Forms


A potential problem with interactive web forms is that they can, if not properly defended,  become victims of “auto-filling Bots” whose software scans millions of websites daily in search of openings that create irritating, time consuming, and even harmful “Spam”.  An effective technical strategy is absolutely necessary to receive the tremendous value of interactive web forms without the very real hazards.

We have great experience in creating many type of online forms and know how to defend them.