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Content Management

Content Management allows people without much technical training to “manage” or make changes to their own website usually with Open Source platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and ExpressEngine to name a few.

Content Management System

The advantage of content management which is often called “Client Managed sites” is the great convenience of being able to make routine changes to a site without needing a web technician.

An e-commerce site, usually done using Drupal, makes it easy to delete or add products within minutes making a small or even a fairly large site easy to manage “in-house”.

These content management programs or Platforms (WordPress and Drupal) are called “Open Source” because the software is free and constantly under development by hundreds or even thousands of developers constantly making upgrades and adding additional functions via “Plug-ins” (WordPress) or “Modules” (Drupal).

Content Management

Each of these Plug-ins or Modules usually delivers a very specific functionality that can be incorporated into the website.They extend the functionality of a typical CMS and allow developers to customize the website even further.

Both of these Platforms also provide various “Themes” which are pre-built and coded website formats that allow for easier development. Themes can also be created from scratch based on a custom design. They can also be extended using what’s called “Child-Themes”.

There is a caution in using these Open Source Themes, Plug-ins, and Modules, and that is because there are so many of each they all are not of uniform quality. We always search the various online forums and other sources to find out how long it has been in use, how many users, complaints etc. before using. Usually there are alternatives that get good reviews from a number of users and developers. Being that these platforms and their extensions are Open Source, you’ll want to be sure that your Content Management System (CMS), Themes, Modules or Plugins are always updated frequently to patch any security vulnerabilities that developers may have fixed.

Content management