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Competition Analysis

Competitor Analysis When we speak about competition analysis here, we are referring only to your competitor’s websites. A competition analysis can be done in two basic ways: technical, and subjective. Technical analysis audits of your competitor’s website is the same as you would do for your own website. This will tell you a lot about your competitor’s website in terms of:

  • Technical Structure
  • Errors
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Their Page Rankings
  • Keywords Used
  • Keyword Organic Positions
  • backlinks from outside sources
  • Quality of Backlinks, etc.

Competitor AnalysisTo see a more complete list of the technical issues covered, go to our Free SEO Audit page, and, to get definitions to any of the topics covered on that page, go to our SEO Glossary page. Having this information can tell you two things; First, the technical strengths and weaknesses of their websites; and secondly, give you some useful ideas for your own site that you may have overlooked (back link suggestions, keywords, etc.)

Subjective Analysis is an informal subjective ranking of their pages for :

  • Overall Design
  • Useful Content
  • User Friendliness
  • Special Utilities,
  • Other Enhancements.

Here again the value is not just in knowing those elements that may be used against you in a competitive situation, but, also ideas (not copyrighted) that you can use.

Free Competition Analysis Report

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