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Marketing Analytics – Visitor Tracking and Analysis

Marketing Analytics includes visitor tracking and analysis.

You should have a marketing analytics – visitor tracking and analysis program installed on the pages of your website, which can be used very effectively in your Internet Marketing program. One of the major (and best) tracking programs, which is also free, is Google Analytics.

It not only yields a great deal of useful data but can be integrated with your PPC  Advertising that allows you to distinguish between organic (free) traffic and  (paid) PPC traffic. When you have installed free conversion tracking on your website Google Analytics keeps track of your conversions as well  (See PPC Glossary).

The data collected on marketing analytics – visitor tracking and analysis software usually includes the following:

  •  Total Number of Visitors (daily, weekly etc)
  •  Number of Unique versus Return Visitors
  •  Number of Individual Page Views
  •  Hourly Visitors
  •  Hourly Page Views
  •  Visited Pages
  •  Length of Time on Site
  •  Entry Pages
  •  Exit Pages
  •  Details of Individual Visitors
  •  Most Active Visitors
  •  Search Engines Used
  •  Keywords Used
  •  Referring Pages
  •  Browsers
  •  Operating Systems
  •  Cities
  •  Countries
  •  States
  •  Languages
  •  etc

These programs are collectively called Marketing Analytics because they are used in monitoring and evaluating the visitor activity on your website and therefore important to your web marketing program.

In just a casual look at the above information being collected  you can see how it can help you analyze your web marketing program.

For example, you can tell where your visitor is located, what keyword or phrase they used to get to your site, how long they stayed, what specific pages they visited, how long they spent on every page, and the operating system they used can determine if they came from a desktop or a mobile operating system.

If you do not have a visitor tracking system on your site it is vitally important that you get one. Google Analytics is free and can be installed very quickly and accessible 24/7 to help you monitor and evaluate how your web marketing program is performing.

We can install a free tracking program on your site at no cost and make it available, online 24/7

Just send in the Free Tracking Software Installation Request Form on this page and we will send you access to it within 3 business days.

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