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SEO where “Content is King”

I think it was someone at Google who first advised SEO web-developers about SEO where “Content is King”. What he meant was that SEO was not just a matter of getting all the technical issues correct, but, much more importantly, building a website with “Rich, relevant, content” relative to the topics and keywords being promoted.

There may have been a day, even as recent as the late nineties, when getting the Meta tags right could get you on Google’s coveted first page, but those days a long gone. The Search Engines algorithms have greatly advanced in determining the best results (websites) for the search term being used. This has had the profound effects in, not only, increasing the number of actual searchers (by making “search” easy) but also in increasing the competition for “organic positioning” on the SERP’s. (See our SEO Glossary)

And, it’s not only the algorithms that have gotten much more sophisticated but Google has also hired technicians to physically review thousands of their own algorithmic results pages (SERPs) and recommend changes in the rankings. These are then compared not only with their own algorithmic results, but by comparing the results of three or more technicians (for consensus), they are much better able to determine the best results (websites) for the keywords being used.

A question often asked is what makes “Rich, Relevant, Content”? It’s not just using a page with the recommended number of keywords and having the correct “keyword density”. Rich Relevant content is easy to read (font size etc), layout, text Positioning, pictures with captions and alt tags, charts, graphs, videos, live chat. It is also competitive; so look at what your competitors are doing and how they are placing.

It’s a lot like the old adage about “building a better mouse trap”. SEO is never a guarantee for first page organic positioning but everything you do to make your site better will always pay off in making your website a better selling tool and a better online presentation of your business.


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