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Office Marketing

Marketing your Business: If you have TV screens in your place of business, office waiting areas, Bar/Restaurants, etc., you may want to consider using all or part of those TV screens for marketing your products and services via online advertising that can be streamed to all or part of those screens to as many locations as you may have.

Your On-line Office Marketing TV screens can be “split” in a variety of ways to show, let’s say CNN on a large center area with advertising on the sidebar,  header, and footer.

You can play videos, sliders, simple (or complex) animations of your products and services to whatever screen portion you may want. Smaller screen  (footer) areas could show local weather forecasts with time and outside temperatures.

Marketing other Businesses: You can also sell TV screen time and space to other area businesses, giving them a specific screen area with a specified number of timed presentations (i.e. 20-30 sec spots) throughout the location’s open times.

Your advertiser can buy 20-30-60 second presentations scheduled every10,  15, or 20 minutes throughout the day for as many (or as few) as they want to pay for.  Effectiveness can be estimated by having the presentations concentrated on a particular time of day and/or day of the week and see what effect it has on calls they receive or increased visits to their website (remember internet ready smartphones are everywhere!).

What we can do: Our company can develop content from simple animations and sliders to professional photography and Videography. We put it on-line, schedule playing times, and stream it directly to your TV screens automatically. New content can go up instantly from our Cloud location to all your screens without any visit or disruption. Seamless!

It’s just another way to use the web creatively to make your business even more user- friendly and to unobtrusively sell your products or those of your advertisers.

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