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E-commerce process includes good website design, SEO, analytics, credit card processing, etc..

Forrester Research predicts that e-commerce sales will reach 523 billion by 2020 with the number of on-line consumers reaching 270 million.

Screen sizes for mobile devices, and better than ever wireless networks, are driving the online sales.

When you include online browsing and shopping that influences off-line sales, e-commerce has already past one trillion dollars in total purchases!

Mobile devices are being widely used in the B2B market (Not just B2C!). The implications are clear: your website has to be mobile friendly (or better!) or you are going to miss at least 50% of online shoppers and buyers.

Because of the huge significance of mobile in the last few years, it may be worth rebuilding your e-commerce site using a themed platform with built-in RWD (Responsive Web Design) which re-sizes a website’s screen presentation for any size mobile or desktop device. Also it may be worth considering using the e-commerce technology to organize and, perhaps, to better present your products, even if you want potential buyers to “Call or e-mail for current pricing”.

We use a variety of e-commerce software platforms (including marketplace) depending on the particular use but all have the following basics:

  • E-commerce on your smartphone makes online shopping easy.Using the best mobile ready e-commerce platforms

  • Real time credit card processing linked to your bank.

  • Automatic shipping calculation by standard UPS, FedEx or other.

  • Product optioning feature at product description page.

  • Customer e-mail receipts and merchant e-mail confirmation.

  • Searchable database.

  • Automatic quantity/price calculations.

  • Automatic sales tax calculations/tax exempt.

  • Discounting on item by item basis, or whole order.

  • Export to any accounting system software.

  • Full client access to add and delete items, change prices, create purchase orders, shipping labels, packing slips, etc..

  • Multi-national currency support.

  • Track, change, and e-mail fulfillment status on an order by order basis to customers.

  • Retrieve orders by range, date, company name, etc..

  • Create sales summary reports by product, period, customer, etc.